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Nuclear Waste Engineer

Canada-Ontario-Chalk River


Job Description

The NSDF will provide the permanent disposal facility for low and very low-level radioactive wastes, including both volumes – now in interim storage or in burial grounds at CRL – and for waste to be generated through an aggressive decommissioning and demolition program that will see 122 structures at the CRL site removed in the 2016-2025 time frame.  AECL’s legacy liabilities can be markedly reduced when this facility becomes operational.  The NSDF will also provide a disposal pathway option for waste streams to be generated from the site closure projects at NPD and WL and potentially, for new commercial waste streams from the nuclear power sector.  Therefore, the NSDF has the potential to become a national asset critical to the success of the Canadian nuclear industry.

The NSDF project has an estimated total cost of $200 million and is planned to be implemented over a 4.5 year period ending 2020 March.  The GoCo contract obligates CNEA to have the facility in operation by September 2021 at the latest.

AECL will own the infrastructure assets resulting from the NSDF Project; i.e. the engineered mound, the waste water treatment plant and the civil and auxiliary infrastructure required to access the site and support operations.  The planning assumption is that CNL Waste Management Operations will operate the infrastructure over an estimated period of 25 years.

The NSDF is a critical component of the CNEA Vision 2026 strategy for CNL and therefore receives higher than average attention from CNL and CNEA Boards and AECL.

This position will perform Nuclear Waste Management responsibilities for the engineered mound, waste water treatment plant, and supporting infrastructure. S/He will ensure that nuclear wastes are characterized, packaged, and emplaced in the NSDF in compliance with codes, standards, regulatory requirements, and CRL site Licence.

The Nuclear Waste Engineer is responsible for:

  • Analyzing waste data and performing desktop waste characterization for radiochemical and hazardous constituents, as well as other physical and chemical properties.

  • Managing waste inventories for the NSDF.

  • Support Performance Assessment studies.

  • Shielding, dose rate calculations /estimations.

  • Nuclear criticality assessment.

  • Waste minimization.

  • Assessment of decommissioning waste characteristics.

  • Development of waste inventories and emplacements.

  • Assessment of waste forms and integrity.

  • Ensuring that the waste packaging and transportation meets NSDF requirements.

  • In-situ gamma spectrometry of waste packages.

  • Source term characterization.

  • Monitoring and control of Tritium and Carbon-14.

  • Ensuring that the effluents meet applicable codes, standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Ensuring that Waste Treatment processes meet safety and regulatory requirements.

  • Ensuring that decontamination operations are safe and efficient.

  • Assessment of radioactive decay and dose rates operation and post-closure phases.

  • Development of the waste acceptance criteria conforming to applicable Canadian standards and regulatory requirements. 


•Bachelor (Honours) in Engineering or Science from a university of recognized standing; or membership in an engineering or scientific professional organization authorized by statute to establish qualification for membership in that organization. A major in Engineering, or nuclear engineering or Engineering Physics is preferred.

  • Five to ten years of relevant experience with 5 years’ experience in a licensed nuclear facility or other heavily regulated environment;

  • Strong technical knowledge in radioactive waste management, radiation protection, nuclear criticality, and decontamination;

  • Knowledge of codes and standards used in nuclear waste management, storage or disposal facilities and/or waste water treatment plants;

  • Familiarity with IAEA Safety guides 111-G-G-1.1, Std WS-R-1, ANS-8 series standards, CSA N292 stds.;

  • Familiarity with CSA N286 and ISO-9001 quality standards.Knowledge of CNL’s practices, organization and Quality Assurance processes would be an asset;

  • Knowledge of radiation protection standards (IRP) and practices;

  • Ability to work effectively in a multidisciplinary team in an environment characterized by rigorous planning, reporting and cost/schedule performance expectations;

  • Experienced in dealing with design consultants;

  • Good interpersonal and oral and technical writing skills are required to interact with team members, internal suppliers, Project representatives, external contractors, project stakeholders, regulators, DWM management, waste management organization and AECL;

  • Calculation / Assessment of dose rates based on contents;

  • Use of Micro shield and other software for shielding calculations; and

  • General computer literacy in word processing, spreadsheet and database applications. 

    CNL has an Employment Equity Program and encourages applications from women, Aboriginal Peoples, visible minorities and persons with disabilities.

Interested in applying? visit: http://trr.tbe.taleo.net/trr01/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=CNLLTD&cws=1&rid=1571

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Posting Date: 21-Dec-2016Engineering Permanent, Full-Time Open 1 ASAP
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